How to Pick the Right Branding Agency in the UAE

As a business owner, there will eventually come a time when you have to resort to a branding agency, choosing which is not a walkover. There is no lack of agencies in Dubai claiming to specialize in branding. But one has to be careful because a wrong agency can not only drain your budget and time but also negatively impact your brand.


One can wade through countless branding agencies, each with their own mix of expertise, experience, and offerings. But as an entrepreneur or a founder, how do you make sure the agency you are considering passes the muster? 


Let’s find out!


Before you begin


Before you invest countless hours looking for the top branding companies in UAE and tether yourself to an endless loop of searching and shortlisting, here are some pointers that should get the ball rolling.


   1. Have a checklist ready


As you start searching for the top Branding Agency in UAE, have a checklist ready. Map out clear goals along with your likenesses, preferences, styles, and other specifics so that you have a clear starting point when you share that with an agency.


When you commit yourself to the cost and time that goes with a branding project, you want to make sure that you have a clear checklist, to begin with.


   2. Have realistic expectations


“Perfection” is an abstraction. Of course, we all want to filter out the best option for our business. But as you restrict yourself to a certain idea of a perfect agency, you might extensively overlook the unique offerings that some other branding agency in UAE might have to offer.



There should be a synergy in your philosophies, but an experienced agency will dive deeper into your business and suggest alterations in your perceptions and ways you had been looking at your business market. These suggestions are only there to guide your business through transformations.


Surpass the trammels of precision by setting achievable goals and a flexible approach for your projects before you start shortlisting branding agencies. 


   3. Compare pitches


When you know what you are expecting from a Branding agency and have a checklist ready, list down a couple of agencies. You can start by listing 5-10 names and narrow the list down based on your checklist. Next, request proposals from your shortlisted agencies list and compare the pitches.



   4. Tap your network


Don’t know where to start? Confused with too many options? Tap into your network and get started. Ask your industry peers or other founders and friends for suggestions and then compare apples to apples.


The deciding factors


Finding the right branding agency boils down to these 4 criteria-


  • Competence


It’s a daunting task to trust a part of your business with an agency.  While you research every option you have, you want to ensure that your agency has a deep understanding of your industry and can evaluate what’s important for your business.


Check for measurable results. Can they meet your KPIs? Ask for case studies, metrics or analytics. This will help you understand the process that your prospective agency follows, what key areas they prioritise and can focus on for your brand.


  • Creativity 


Their Portfolio matters. You want to see a number of things in an agency’s portfolio- do they have a broad range of creative work? Do they have a proven track record of solving problems for their past clients?

A portfolio can let you see if the agency has been consistent with providing fresh ideas, inspirations, and design solutions in their past. Check out their portfolio and how it makes them stand out from other agencies.


  • Value for time and money


Setting time and budget is setting an important parameter. The company you’re considering could be ticking off the boxes but do they meet your budget? 


It’s important to consider that choosing the best fit for your branding service may require you to be budget-flexible. As we said before, choosing the wrong agency can cost you more than investing a little more in the right agency. 


  • Experience


Finding the right branding agency is not all bells and whistles. Check the past records and the industry reputation of your Branding agency. How well have they handled their past projects? Ask them about some of their challenging projects and how well did they handle those challenging situations. Do your homework!


Here’s what to ignore


  • Location


It’s a myth that having your Branding agency in your geographical location is an advantage. In today’s times, where almost everything is virtual, being situated in the same location as your agency should not be a deciding factor at all. In the world of 21st Century where everything is interconnected, the location has never been an issue for us. Over the past 5 years at SocioLoca, we have done successful branding for clients across three continents.


  • Industry Experience


If the agency you’re considering is adept in your industry then it’s a bonus nod. But it should not be a necessary criterion. In fact, you should go to an agency that has no boundaries in its branding portfolio. An agency with differentiated brand experiences can offer unique perspectives for your branding. You can have a highly differentiated brand experience compared to an agency that has worked only within your industry.


Hit us up!


We meet the brief with our years of storytelling. While we are confident our proposals are the right fit for your business model and culture, we understand that choosing the right branding agency takes time and can’t be rushed. 


We do believe that you should compare all your options, ask for references, read reviews and have a thorough research before making the final decision. 


Considering the points mentioned above will help you decide what kind of agency can truly understand the unique requirements or the complexities of your business and can be the best partner to work with for the long haul.