How to create a brilliant marketing campaign

The monstrous popularity and praise that Stranger Things has gained over the years are truly impressive. Being one of the best Netflix series to binge-watch, the storyline is not the only reason that has made it such a massive hit. What has brought it into the pop culture spotlight successfully is also its innovative marketing campaigns.

Not so Stranger strategy:

Set against the backdrop of the 80s, the show has capitalized on this theme and has blended multiple genres like horror, scifi, mystery etc. together. Its unpredictable storyline and cliffhanger twists make it engaging for the audience. 

When it comes to marketing, they have used this yesteryear nostalgia and have largely focussed on creating experiences that blend the past and present together. The amalgamation of the old and the new provokes emotional responses in people making it a brilliant marketing strategy.

Not so Stranger lessons:

Our storytellers believe that brands must take a leaf out of the Netflix Marketing book and use these tips to create a winning campaign.

     1. Have a distinct theme/concept


The 80s pop-culture setup is a powerful niche that Stranger Things has tapped into. Whether it is apparel, music, or products, they have focused on the minutest of details to get it right. The iconic show is an authentic reflection of this era making it stand out from the rest.

For any marketing campaign, it is important to have a clear, differentiated, and unique concept. It includes an overarching message that binds all the other campaign elements together. A consistent theme that promotes a single idea helps resonate with the audience effectively.

     2. Why nostalgia works


The accuracy with which the series portrays this decade has made it a culturally relevant phenomenon globally. Stranger Things has incorporated references to film, television, and other pop-culture elements from the 80s which has evoked a sense of nostalgia with ease.

Nostalgia when used as a tool in marketing brings about a sense of comfort and positivity for the brand and triggers positive memories that impact consumer behavior. Creating an emotional connection with the audience leads to a greater chance of influencing action. After all, who doesn’t love the warm fuzzy feeling that we experience when we are reminded of something from our past?

     3. Tap into interactive/immersive experiences


Immersive experiences that make consumers participate and engage are essential to build a sense of loyalty and intrigue to get that coveted follow, subscribe, or page like from your target audience. With many innovative initiatives, Netflix recreated the iconic Stranger Things experience for fans in real life. The brand posted a 360° VR video for fans to explore the thrilling Byers’ home. With Twitch, they brought together influencers who played video games in Mike Wheeler’s basement from the show. In a 4 hour-long broadcast, the viewers were to scare them by voting on what happened next. The brand also launched ‘Hawkins Monitored’ which let fans follow the protagonists through monitoring screens and hidden cameras.

Out-of-the-box interactive experiences provide a different perspective of your brand and increase brand credibility and value. Brands must create such exciting campaigns to get noticed and to connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

     4. Cross-Promotions for the win


Partnering with the right companies is important to strengthen brand awareness and appeal to a wider audience base. Throughout the various Stranger Things seasons, Netflix has nailed brand collaborations like no one else. Leveraging the right partnerships creates numerous buzz-worthy opportunities for your brand to be a part of the conversation.

For season 3, they teamed up with 75 iconic brands for promotions and generated excitement among the audience successfully. The brand partnered with Coca-cola and revived the limited edition ‘New Coke’ of the 80s. Baskin Robbins designed the ‘Scoops Ahoy’ and transported fans to the Summer of 85’ in real life. Lyft arranged a unique paranormal ride experience. Burger King manufactured the ‘Upside Down Whopper’ that created waves among fans. Nike’s classic ‘Hawkins High’ themed collection and merchandise remain a fan-favorite.

Levis, H&M, Snapchat, etc. the list doesn’t seem to end with so many of them jumping on this brandwagon.

In Conclusion

As marketers, Netflix’s intelligent and strategic approach towards campaigns is something we all need to learn from. They know the right way to catch up with today’s world by doing the right things in the most innovative manner. These brilliant marketing tactics have worked unbelievably well for them and it’s time your brand puts it to use too.

Feeling overwhelmed? Our storytellers are here to help your brand boost its marketing efforts. Right from strategizing, ideating, executing, and understanding the results of a campaign on the review stage, we’ve got it all covered. Get in touch with us today!